Dear Massi, I am arguing a lot with my fiancee as she wants to invite her ex-boyfriend to the wedding.

I think it is wrong to invite him. I would never invite any of my ex's. I really don't want to see a man that she was going out with, even though I have accepted she has a history.

I could never tell my parents that she is inviting an ex as they would flip out. They are very traditional.

I think she should be more respectful of our culture and of my wishes, but she can't see my point of view.

What shall I do?

Massi says, This is a difficult predicament indeed. 

It seems that your fiancee is inviting her ex as she is now in a comfortable place with him where they can be friends. Understand that the invitation was not extended to hurt you. 

It is understandable that you are upset by this.

Explain to your fiancee in a non accusatory manner that this invitation has left you feeling uncomfortable and that you would never knowingly put her in a situation that left her feeling this way.

Marriage is all about communication and compromise, which can help resolve this situation.