Dear Massi, My wife is angry with me because I went on a lads’ holiday. She is making such a big deal about this.

I understand that she won’t talk to me, but there is no excuse for throwing my Xbox in the bin.

Then she took the designer handbag I bought her on her birthday last year and she gave it away to the cleaner.

Then she went out for her friend’s birthday meal to a really expensive restaurant. Normally they split the bill, but just to punish me, she paid the full amount with my credit card. The meal came to £600.

I don’t know how to handle her any more.

Please help me deal with her.

Massi says, You have explained why your wife is angry with you, but you have not said if you have tried to remedy the situation.

It appears your wife is behaving in this way to get a reaction out of you.

Rather than being critical of her, try and be more empathetic. Understand why it is that your wife is so upset.

Talk to her and ask her to tell you exactly how she feels.

If going away with your friends is problematic, try and find a suitable compromise with your wife.

An important part of marriage is communicating with each other and making time for each other.