Dear Massi, I been seeing a girl since 2015. She got married behind my back and I still stood by her when it fell apart in 2016. 

Her parents stopped her from going anywhere.

Her brothers chased me from work. You name it, they did it. 

But they had Indian girlfriends too.  So how can her parents say I am a bad person and judge all Pakistanis to be bad, dealing drugs, or marry Indian girls just to divorce them?

The last time I looked, I was a Kashmiri and no disrespect to anyone, I didn't think the dealers were Pakistanis around there . 

So why does he think it was ok for his sons but wrong for me?

But now we have fallen out.

Massi says, You appear to be embroiled in a very tense situation due to the woman you have been seeing.

It is unfortunate that her family have treated you with such animosity due to your background.

You have concluded your letter by saying that you are no longer on good terms with the woman in question.

Why not take some time out for yourself and do the things you enjoy.

The last three years or so with this woman have been complicated and full of emotional turbulence for you, exacerbated by her marriage and then the failure of it.

Now is the time to prioritise yourself and think about what is important to you.