Dear Massi, My mother-in-law has  such double standards. She expects me to cook fresh food for her son, but she expects me to eat her leftovers.

She uses the guilt trip and says if she can’t finish her food, I should eat it, otherwise I will be sinful for throwing away food.

I told her to give her leftovers to her son if she feels that way.

She got angry and said my parents mustn’t have taught me any manners.
What more can I do?

Massi says, Your mother-in-law has made a very unusual and inappropriate demand from you.

You are absolutely right to stand your ground firmly on this matter. 

You can politely decline and ask for the matter to be left at that.

If your mother-in-law routinely finds she has leftovers, suggest she take smaller portions that she can actually manage to eat so that food is not left over.