Dear Massi, My husband took his first wife on holiday to Spain for a week, but when I asked him about our holiday, he said he could spare four days later this year and said he would take me to Blackpool.

I feel he is being really unfair on me.

She got the nice sunny holiday abroad and I am stuck with a holiday that is an hour’s drive away.
He’s always prioritising her over me.

He’ll take her out shopping but told me he hasn’t got time to go out with me and that I should just shop online.

When it comes to bedroom matters, all of a sudden he will be available.

I am sick of this. I never would have agreed to marry him if I knew he wasn’t going to treat us equally. Should I divorce him?

Massi says: The type of relationship you have with your husband is going to be one that is full of complications and emotional upheavals. 

The fact that he already has a wife will mean your relationship will be compromised immensely. 

If a holiday with her has caused you this much angst, then it is time for you to contemplate how much strain a lifetime of this will result in. 

You do not deserve to be treated as second best, but by voluntarily entering a relationship of this nature, you have inadvertently allowed your husband to treat you this way.

He has made no apologies for his behaviour and will continue to treat you in this manner.

It is time for you to decide whether it is worth your while staying married to this man.