Dear Massi, My husband has always been quite liberal, but since the kids have become teenagers, I have seen a different side to him.

Our 15-year-old daughter recently got glasses.

There is a family wedding coming up and my husband has told my daughter not to wear her glasses to the wedding as he doesn’t want his family to know she wears them.

I told him he was being stupid.

He then said he thinks the glasses will affect her future rishta opportunities.

I can’t believe he is being so narrow minded.

I don’t want my daughter being paranoid over something so silly. Can you help?

Massi says:,Wearing glasses is not an unusual thing and certainly will not make your daughter stand out for the wrong reasons.

If your daughter has been diagnosed with the need to wear glasses, then tell your husband that your daughter will need to wear them out of necessity.

Rather than being apologetic or embarrassed about it, explain to your husband that this is something he needs to accept. 

As you rightly say, his reaction could have an adverse effect on your daughter’s confidence.

Explain that correcting her sight is far more important than other people’s opinions.

You can always explore the option of contact lenses in the future if your daughter wishes to wear them.

Rather than having a heated discussion about this, tell your husband that your children’s interests will always come ahead of superficial expectations from other people.