Dear Massi, My ex-boyfriend has moved in close to where I live.  It has become a total nightmare for me. He is married with three children.

I used to date him many years ago and then I changed my ways. 

I am happy with my husband but this is so unsettling. Only two of my friends know that it is him that I used to date him. We had a stormy relationship and then I heard he moved to London. 

Now, he is back and somehow he is on my street. I hate it. We passed each other several times and he just looks. What if he says something? What if he does something? 

I feel like telling my husband that we should move away but we are happy with the house. We recently had it redecorated. Help!

Massi says, Do not panic! Remember he too is married and has three children of his own and so has as much to lose as you I would imagine.

If he had wanted to do anything about it I am sure he would have made some move by now.  

He may well be thinking the same thing about you and am sure that he is as shocked as you are at the proximity he is to you.

Don’t make any rash decisions to move as this will only cause people to question you as to why you are doing this. He may well be as shocked as you feel about this.