Dear Massi,  My sister-in-law is so cheap it's becoming a big problem for me.

She always turns at my house with her kids at a meal time, so I end up having to cook more food.

She knows we order a takeaway every Saturday night, so she has started conveniently turning up in the early evening. We can't exactly ask her to leave so my husband ends up buying her and her kids food too.

If there are any leftovers she just puts them together in a container and takes them home with her.

On top of that, she brings her charger with her and charges her phone in my house, which really is taking the mick.

Her husband works abroad a lot and she uses that as an excuse to come over to us, but it's becoming a big and expensive problem for us. 

Massi says, Having a relationship with family is important but it is key to establish boundaries.

Next time you are ordering food whilst she is present, ask her to contribute towards her specific order.

Explain also that her unannounced visits are disrupting your family time and your routine and that whilst you don't want to discourage her from visiting, you would prefer a phone call in advance to ensure the visit is convenient for you and your family.