Dear Massi, I am getting married soon. We are planning the Walima function at the same time.

My parents are looking after that for me.

There is a bit of a problem as my fiancée says she only wants organic food on the Walima day.

I looked at a few menus but it is too expensive.

Besides, her parents are having traditional food on the wedding day. She isn’t forcing them to fork out more money for organic food.

She says I can afford it.

I am getting about 50 messages a day from her when I’m at work trying to force me to convince my parents to do this. It’s putting me right off her.

Can you advise?

Massi says, Planning a wedding is an extremely stressful time for all involved.

It is understandable that you both want to plan your special events to perfection.

However, it is unfair to impose a costly expense on somebody, especially if they are not keen on the idea. 

Talk to your fiancée at an appropriate time and calmly explain to her that whilst she does not feel it is right to expect her parents to pay for organic food on the wedding day, in the same way, you are extending the same courtesy to your parents.

Explain to her that you are looking forward to your wedding day as it is the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

And bickering over one facet of the day is creating an unnecessary tense feeling.