Dear Massi, Please advise. My friend or so-called friend held a charity coffee morning. 

Everyone who attended was asked to make a contribution. 

I left £5 as that was all I had on me.

Now my friend has been complaining that everyone except one person left £20.

Apparently she rang around to ask how much they left  and now she is telling people that I am really cheap because I only left £5.

I am mortified.

I don't know what to do.

Massi Says, Your friend has shown an incredibly unkind side to her personality.

Inviting people to make a charitable contribution means people should give whatever they feel comfortable with.

There is not a prerequisite when it comes to giving charity.

It is particularly crass of your friend to ring people up to ask what they donated.

Rather than feeling 'mortified,' understand that you have not done anything that should warrant you feeling embarrassed.

It is better to distance yourself from people who have such a demeaning approach to friendship.