Dear Massi, My best friend fell out with me during my wedding. She said I bought a lengha that she wanted to wear for her wedding. 

Then she didn’t dance at my mehndi because she was so angry. 

When she came on the wedding day she purposely didn’t eat any food. Since then there has been no contact between us.

I found out she got married but she didn’t invite me or my family. I only found out because I saw the pictures on Snapchat.

How could she abandon me over a wedding dress? I am so upset I don’t know what to do.

Massi says: It is a shame that a friendship has ended over dress choice.

There may be deeper emotions that your friend has not yet conveyed to you.

As upset as you are, why not try to bury the hatchet with her for a peace of mind.

Send her a message to congratulate her on her wedding and express that you miss her friendship and wish to put the past disagreements behind you.

If your friend is not receptive to your efforts, then at least you can remain assured that you exerted every effort to mend your relationship with her.