Dear Massi, I have fallen out with my best friend because she stole the name I wanted for my daughter.

We were both pregnant at the same time and she had her baby a few weeks before my due date. I made the mistake of telling her the name I had chosen for my baby. 

I searched for months to find something unique and special. Then she went and called her baby that, knowing full well that it was my baby name. I hate her now. She has completely betrayed me.

She denies it and says she has wanted this name for years. I can’t even bring myself to send her a present.

I’m so angry. I don’t think I can ever forgive her.

Massi Says, Choosing the perfect name for your baby can indeed be a lengthy and very personal process.

Try not to let this incident ruin your friendship with your best friend. As best friends there must be many things that you both have in common including likes and dislikes.

It may well be the case that this name was something that you both favoured.
As infuriated as you feel, look at the bigger picture.

Having a baby is an incredibly joyous occasion and one to be celebrated.
Put this misunderstanding behind you as you look to embark on a wonderful transition in your life.