Dear Massi, Please reply quickly as me and my fiance keep arguing and I'm getting really stressed.

The planning of the wedding has been going smoothly. Up until he said he wants to rehearse a dance with me.

He wants to do a corny dance on the wedding day.

I hate it when couples dance on their wedding day! It's so showy and it's a stupid trend. And it looks ridiculous when brides have the full heavy outfit and jewellery on and then they start doing bhangra moves.

And now he wants to dance to 'Makhna' from the film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan.

Like wtf?

I don't want to do it but he is like forcing me, saying that this is the one input he has in the wedding,and that it's his day too.

He doesn't realise he's going to make us look like idiots.

Please advise...

Massi Says,Planning a wedding is normally a stressful endeavour.

The build up to the wedding can be overwhelming.

As perfect as we want the wedding day to be, there are so many things to take into consideration.

In this case it is your fiance's feelings.

As he said, it is his wedding day too, therefore, the wedding should also reflect his taste and his interests.

However, you cannot be coerced into dancing if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rather than getting angry with each other about this disagreement, try and reach a compromise.

If you don't wish to dance, there is nothing preventing him from dancing alone or with friends.