I have been wanting to leave my wife for years, but I just didn't know quite when to do it.

I have nothing in common with her apart from our two children. We have no conversation apart from the daily basics.

I have had a string of emotional affairs over the last five years.

I have never slept with anybody else. I just need to talk to women and feel an emotional connection.

I told my mum and my wife at the same time that I was going get a divorce.

My mum stayed quiet and my wife cried. That night my wife came into the bed and seduced me. I thought it was for old times sake's.

One month later I discovered she had 'tricked' me into getting her pregnant so I would stay with her. It was my mum's idea.

I have been trapped into staying in a depressing marriage.

I don't know how I am going to cope, but I know I can't leave anymore.

My relationship between me and mum has suffered and it's pretty non existent between me and my wife.

But I am stuck and I can't go anywhere.

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