I have had so much grief from my own family and friends about becoming a Muslim. And now the majority of Muslim men I meet act as if I am not Muslim enough.
There's an arrogant sense of entitlement because they were born into the religion. As if they were blessed and are more in God's favour than the rest of us.
This issue of being circumcised has become the most prominent thing that has taken over my life since I started mixing regularly in Muslim circles.
They say I am not a proper Muslim because I'm not circumcised
It's told to me like my converting was pointless if I don't get circumcised.
There's little empathy with what I went through to become a Muslim.
And so many times, the men I meet practice culture over religion. That's a fact. This is why they are covertly racist.
I have been rejected by the community I grew up in only to be rejected by the community I have left my life for.
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