Every single woman I have met through the traditional rishta process or that I have gone out with myself have all turned me down once they realise I live with my parents.

I have a good salary and can sustain a relationship.

But moving into my house with my parents seems to be the deal breaker.

I can't move out on my own-it would hurt my parents too much. 

I am all they have.

I have an older brother who has stopped contact with my parents ever since he got married. My parents have not even met his children.

I can't abandon them.

I want to get married and have a family of my own but all the women I meet cannot compromise on this one thing.

They tell me I am weak because I can't stand up to my parents and move out.

Have women become so superficial and demanding that  I have to choose between wife and parents?

I feel disillusioned and have started to resign myself to the fact that marriage may not be destined for me.

Well not whilst my parents are alive. 

And I hate myself for thinking that way.

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