Anyone who knows me - knows I have a lot of hair! So who else would be brave enough to review some hair brushes!

As party weekends become the order of the day and you need to travel light and the weekend bag only has space for that small dress, a couple of "you know what's" which leaves very little room for hair care essentials.

So how do you keep awesome looking hair for those long weekends.

Rock & Ruddle have the perfect solution, a light compact and stylish hair brush that's easy on your locks and keeps looking glamorous all weekend.

The ethically-sourced boar bristles are strong and resilient, have a natural stiffness that means that they brush the hair thoroughly and yet don’t pull as they are drawn through it, giving it a soft salon feel.

Another wonderful benefit of the brush is that it leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking thanks to the microscopic scales that release and distribute the scalps natural oil evenly across your trestles.

These stylish and fun little brushes are perfectly sized travel companions and come in a range of styles, The chic 'Out of Africa' range in particular is inspired by some stunning animal prints such as glossy Leopard print, cool Snakeskin and a monochrome Zebra print.

Available at and at other high-end outlets including branches of John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols.

Brushes come in two sizes, large (£30) and handbag-sized (£20)