So it’s that time of year again, the trees has gone up in the salon, we are talking all about Christmas and of course having your Christmas appointments booked in.

As it gets a busy time for us in salon over the next few weeks.

We have had our Christmas do in November .

This year I took the team to Manchester on Saturday, we started our evening by getting the train to Manchester (yes, me on a train!) city course we are hairdressers so I was on the train glittering one of the girls hair.

First stop was a meal. Then we went to Escape room which is a place in the centre of Manchester where you have one hour to Escape from a room with clues to help you escape, a great team building event.

To end the evening I booked a table at a lovely bar called WashHouse the front of this bar is a laundrette and when you open the door of a big tumble dryer it’s a cute little bar serving some mouth watering cocktails.

As you can imagine I was very tired on Sunday.

These days I get no lie-ins with Maleesha and Faris up soooo early ..

Hope you all enjoy your Christmas party’s that are coming up.

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