I want to discuss a few different styles of boots to help you find a pair that appeals to you.

First of all I want to tell you all of my hatred for the fake Ugg.

The fact that people are still buying these is appalling.

The boot may look okay for the first few wears but next thing, they have caved in and you may as well walk on your ankles because that is what it looks like.

Secondly, they are certainly not good for your feet. You’re better going out in your slippers if you ask me.

Some of my favourite boots are the Chelsea-style boots. They are perfect for everything. Get a pair of black skinnies which works so well with these little cuties. I’d avoid wearing flares with these boots, it can look a bit like Simon Cowell otherwise.

If you want to dress it up I love a healed peep-toe boot.

They work with skirts, dresses and a pair of jeans. There are so many variations of the peep-toe boot.

From stilettos, chunky heeled, black or wildly colourful. There are even the caged boots which work just as well as the peep toe.

Another one that has become more popular is the over-the-knee riding boot. Now these boots don’t work for every one. Especially short people.

They can be perfect for you or totally wrong for you.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who doesn’t get away with it. But I have so many friends that do and I am so jealous.

I guess I’ll to stick to my heel ankle boots which are a classic. They are always are going to be in. They give you height and support. Perfect for being on your feet all day.

Haseena is the owner of Dark Secrets Hair and can be contacted on 01254 677500