In a bid to inspire professionals, the World Economic Forum compiled a list of '14 things successful people do before breakfast.'

The list, however, has inadvertently induced ridicule and mockery with the Twitterati rushing to express their disdain.

According to the list, in order to succeed at work you should wake up early, drink water and then exercise.

The gruelling list continues by saying one should next work on a top-priority business project.

Following that (and still before breakfast) you are advised to work on a personal-passion project, as well as spending quality time with family and connecting with your spouse.

As if that wasn’t demanding enough, a successful person then makes their bed and goes on to network over coffee.

And finally, the overly zealous list concludes with meditating to clear your mind, writing down things you are grateful for, planning and strategising while you’re still fresh, checking your email and reading the news.

All before breakfast.

Twitter responded in its own scathing to this list.

One user said, ‘They die early of a massive heart attack', another added, 'That's a busy month for me.'

Another person suggested the name of the list should be changed to '14 things successful people would like others to think they do before breakfast.'

Another tweet read, ‘They don’t waste time reading stupid lists.’ Another posted, ‘If you can manage that list, you’ll be signing divorce papers soon.’ Business owner Samiya Malik to us, “That list is way too optimistic. Although if you work around here you might just achieve all those things before you start work.

“Most businesses along this stretch don’t open until 12pm- that’s plenty of time to tick those things off that list!

“Although I don’t know anyone who spends quality time with their spouse or kids before breakfast! In Utopia maybe!”