We have been so rushed off our feet this week.

This week in the salon has been such a busy week with some of our clients celebrating Eid.

I love it when it’s Eid and Christmas, how all the family get together and enjoy good food and exchange gifts.

We have been so busy making all our clients glam up for the big day Eid.

From beauty treatments, to Botox, to glam hair, we at Dark Secrets Hair have got it all under one roof for you.

The team enjoy this festive time even though we are working late. While it’s a busy period for us all our clients come in happy. It’s a fabulous atmosphere.

On that note I would like to wish all who are celebrating Eid a Eid Mubarak, and most importantly Hajj Mubarak to all the Hajis who have completed their hajj.

I hope you all have a safe trip home and a lovely festive weekend.

Then it’s the count down to Christmas.

I can’t believe it! I’m talking about Christmas and taking appointments for Christmas.

It’s getting earlier and earlier each year. Clients are booking in, coming in telling me they are Christmas shopping and booking in for their Christmas work-do hair-styles.

Which gets me all in a panic too.

So this week I have booked a works’ Christmas do and my team are going to love it.

I also went to have my nails done and book my Christmas appointments. It’s crazy I know. It is only September and we are talking about Christmas.

Haseena is the owner of Dark secrets hair and can be contacted on 01254 677500.