A bit of a big deal for me Jeans. I find it so difficult to part with them.

At the minute my wardrobe contains 50 million pairs of jeans that I no longer wear due to them looking worn.

So I thought I would put them into good use. Instead of buying a new pair I would recycle them. Ripped jeans have become a big trend.

You have to plan it out carefully. Where do you want the rips to be, will it look right and have you got the right supplies.

So I am going to make it easy by giving you a step by step process of what you need to do to get you new but old jeans. I advise you practice on a pair that you will not miss if it all goes pair shaped. Don’t want you ruining your best Levis now.

1. Choosing your jeans. What colour would you like blue? Black? Then there’s the style. Skinny, boot cut, flares, boyfriend, high waisted, low waisted or mid rise.

2. Mark out where you want your rips. I would mark them when you are wearing them.

3. Supplies are very important for this.

Putting a hole in your jeans will just make them look tacky. I use sandpaper or a foot scraper.

To wear it down, scrub the jeans on your marked parts. I find the foot scraper the best. Obviously the thicker the denim the more time it will take.

4. Eventually bits of thread will start to tear.

When you have a few to go by start to pull the thread. You might have to alternate between thread pulling and scraping but eventually it should work and you will have your desired look.

So next time you think about throwing away your old jean just think what you could do!