Is the perm making comeback?

In salon more and more clients are requesting perms male and female.

The perm hairstyle for men is incredibly stylish and can be worn in a number of ways for both short and long hair.

The perm suits any hair texture and can even compliment any face shape. Perms won’t look very good if your hair has sustained serious damage.

If it’s bleached or dried out, the curls won’t curl as much as frizz and the extra round of chemicals won’t help your hair look any healthier either! Furthermore, double processing might even cause your ends to turn so brittle that they’ll start falling off on their own!


As for the ladies straighteners are a thing for the past . We now use and sell more of the curlers , curling wand , crimpers and rollers, we all want hair with movement in wether it’s big glam hair or sassy beach wave or a big Afro.

Weekend perm !

The weekend perm is the next big request in salon. Going out style to suit any occasion . Client will call to book in for this look for the weekend.

To create this look we use the chopstick wand which leave the hair with a spiral look and then brush all the curl out to create a big Afro of curls.

When booking for this look it will take from 45 minutes to an hour so give yourself enough time for this look .

Let’s all rock the curls