At last the sun is out! I couldn’t wait to bring out my brighter lighter clothes. I love the warmer seasons. Everyone seems so much happier when the sun out. I wanted this week’s blog to be about the spring essentials.

First of all I love bright nail polishes, I’m quick to choose something that stands out. Its not to everybody’s taste but it works well for me. If its not your cup of tea. Tame it down with pastel colours.

Make-up: I can not stick to a heavy foundation during spring/summer. I feel so sticky and it ruins my day not feeling comfortable.

I use something nice and light to keep me feeling fresh for most of the day especially in clammy conditions.

Talking about staying fresh, a good deodorant is a must (and obviously good personal hygiene). It keeps you going whilst out and at work.

Breathable shoes, For me being on my feet all day I have to have practical shoes, always in my heels.

I’m talking on trend, maybe sandals, Something cute. You won’t see me walking around in a pair of crocs anytime soon!

Protection... I always make sure I’m wearing an SPF higher than 20 on my face. As my husband say I can just be look at a holiday brochure and I’m getting a tan. Weathers it’s in my daily moisture cream or my makeup. We do not want wrinkly leather skin. so i say a prevention is the than a cure. Best of all...the clothes. I love the bright colours and lighter materials. I feel free to move about more rather than being hidden under an oversized jumper. So, yes I’m all for a bright floaty skirt.

We all know that sunny days are rare around these parts but as soon as that sun peeps in my window in the morning I’m the first to jump with excitement. Hope it lasts!