I would say it is more modern than a bun. Less up tight than a pony tail - It’s one style that can work for any occasion.

I wear this look when the hair is ready for a wash but you need a hair date to wash and blow dry the hair. So the easy thing to do is put it but in this style.

Here now to rock a simply top notch: 1. So this look works best on day old hair, so the hair should not be washed prior to styling.

2. Hair needs to be prepped and given a lived in texture so apply mousse for volume. The mousse should be evenly spread through the hair to give it the hold and pliability to go up into a knot and stay there.

3 Blast dry the hair making sure the root are brushed upward so the hair line should be pulled back to the crown , whole the underneath should be blown forward in an upwards direction.

4.Tip your head forward and secure hair into a ponytail, just above the crown.

5.Twist the hair round in clockwise direction to cover the elastic and loop the ends through to create a knot shape. Secure with Kirby grips and mist with hairspray.

This look is so fast and easy to do in the morning. Best thing about top notch is it can suit any face shaper.

Oval and long face shapes can pull off the tightly pulled top knot, but for rounder more heart shaped faces the look needs to be softer with soft pieces of hair to frame the face.

It’s literally an ‘up and go’ hairstyle.

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