A YOUNG boxing coach is encouraging more girls to take up the sport with the launch of female only classes.

Sannah Adam is a recently qualified coach at the Metro Boxing Community Gym in Bolton and is already inspiring South Asian girls to get into it with her.

The twenty-year-old from is hoping her Friday classes will get girls fit.

She said: “I’m so excited to start because boxing is my passion and I want to show girls that they can do anything they put their mind to as well.

“Maybe girls walk into a boxing gym and feel intimidated because of the boys, so this way, it’s just for them and they might love it.

“I think it’s so important being Asian as well, that we break those barriers and encourage girls into sports like boxing because it’s definitely on the rise for women.”

A final year law student, Sannah will juggle her studies and her coaching duties, and is thankful to coach Tommy Battel for his support.

She first walked into the Castleton Street gym when she needed something to complete her Duke of Edinburgh award.

Head coach and owner of Metro Boxing, Tommy Battel, said: “Sannah walked into the gym one day with her dad, and I could tell she was passionate as soon as she started.

“She already helps out on the pads for the kids and steps in when she can. Everyone here volunteers their own time, so it’s just a massive community feel.

“We’re a family and we treat each other like that, and we do want to get more girls involved because not everyone feels comfortable in a mixed class.”

Sannah started her lessons on Friday from 7pm for girls over 14.

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The prices have been kept low to ensure anyone can attend, at just £5 per session.

The new young coach is an inspiring among girls especially in her community as she looks to tackle gender bias in the boxing ring.

She said: “I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy anyway, so it fits perfectly for me.

“It’s nice to be the one that’s making a difference and I’ve been into boxing for almost seven years now.

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“I love it at Metro, because I feel like it’s home to me now. Everyone looks out for you and we really enjoy it.”

Catch Sannah on IG @sannah.adam