An MMA Pro Cage fighter says he wants to help inspire more young people to channel their talents into sport.

Shoaib ‘The Assassin’ Yousaf of Nelson celebrated another impressive win, this time in Jeddah against Hasan Talal. It was his eighth pro fight and he is now ranked 14th nationally.

He has trained in Thailand and fought in Las Vegas but is keen to help make a difference in his home town. He represents both Muscle Factory, Sheffield and Muscle Factory in Burnley.

Speaking to Asian Image Sport he said: “I am grateful for people saying I am a role model and it makes me feel good to know I am making a difference.”

Shoaib started training when he was seven and then went on to compete in Thai boxing in Sheffield. He had his first MMA Amateur fight at the age of 18 and has been a professional since 2016.

He said: “I have to train three times a day and there is a lot of travelling involved but it is all worth it.”

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Shoaib signed a lucrative four fight deal with the largest MMA promotion in the Middle East, BRAVE Combat Federation.

He said: “My first fight under that banner was in Jeddah last month and it went really well. I am now hoping to have another fight before Ramadan.”

Shoaib was crowned the IMMAF World Championships tournament winner back in 2016 in Vegas.
He said: “I have had quite a few young lads wanting to get involved in MMA fighting but I always tell them there is a lot of work involved.

“What people miss from the outside is the training and the hard work that goes on the background.
“I have had broken hands and a broken nose and you get sidelined for a bit but they thankfully heal quite quickly!”

Shoaib added: “I want to thank the businesses who have supported me, including Rehman’s Property Consultant (RPC), Reliance Vehicle Assist (RVA), Nueroptimax and Muscle Factory.”

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A special celebration of Shoaib’s achievements are taking place in Burnley on Sunday, January 19.

Mohammed Qasim of Padrinos, Burnley who are supporting the event, said: “There are many young people who know him in the area and he is a good role model and most of all a very humble guy.

“He is not interested in the fame side of things and he puts in a lot of effort to support his community.
“We have in the past donated towards a range of good causes. In this case we wanted to support a community event and back rising sporting talent.”