Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes team have sacked four members of staff for racist bullying.

The team launched an internal investigation into racism at their Northamptonshire headquarters in July and concluded that the four men had breached their diversity and equality policy.

"Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd confirms that four individuals were dismissed from the company on 2 August 2019," a team statement read.

"These dismissals followed an internal investigation that confirmed breaches of our diversity and equality policy. We condemn this behaviour in the strongest terms and acted immediately upon the complaint.

"We value the diversity of our employees and it is a source of strength for our team. Our working environment is based on appreciation and mutual respect."

The Sun newspaper reported on Saturday that the sacked workers put up a poll during Ramadan on which they guessed when a co-worker would break his fast.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who is the only black driver in Formula One, has often called for greater diversity in the sport.

After racist taunts were aimed at England footballers in Montenegro in March, the world champion condemned it ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

"It is crazy to think that at this time in the world, racism is still such a prominent thing," Hamilton said. "It is really there, all around the world, and a real issue, which is sad to see. It doesn't seem like it is going to migrate much over the next few years."