A netball team is encouraging girls and women from the community to take up the sport even if they are not confident of their abilities.

Elite netball started nine years ago in Blackburn and is managed by Ruksana Moress an England Netball L2 Coach.

She says she has always had a passion for netball and over the years seen participation levels in the sport grow considerably.

She said, “There are opportunities for ladies to excel in the sport and through this interest she has built two ‘Elite’ netball teams.

“These teams are diverse and also represent the BME community at the Blackburn Netball Leagues and have done fantastically well.

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“It is for all abilities and age, whether you wish to play for fun and socialise whilst exercising or want to play more competitively.”

Sam Choudhry a participant said, “Anyone can play netball. I’m still learning the rules and skills at each practise. Back to netball has been a fantastic way to progress skills and confidence.

“A fantastic opportunity to get fit and socialise. In fact it’s so much fun that it actually doesn’t feel like a workout! (I have probably burned more calories giggling and laughing) a great stress release.

“You will become a stronger, resilient individual. Having a qualified coach ensures that the best of your skills and progression is utilised within the game.

“The team are very welcoming and no matter what level you’re at, they will encourage, support and bring out the best in you. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get in touch and give it a go.”

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Danielle Walton said, “I started ‘Back to Netball’ in February last year. At first I was reluctant mainly because I felt I was too old, wouldn’t remember the rules and my physical stamina wasn’t the best.

“I hadn’t held a netball for 20 years! After my very first session I was hooked.
“I remember feeling pleasantly surprised that I remembered a lot from my younger days. I felt excited all week waiting for our Friday session and it was made easier because the women were so welcoming.

“Slowly but surely netball has become a huge part of my life. I have lost weight, built my stamina and feel great both in body and mind.

“Having suffered from mental health issues in the past - I am pleased to say that netball and the friendships I have made along the way have transformed my life and given me a positive mental attitude and a new outlook. I will treasure them forever.”

You can get in touch with Ruksana at ruks1@hotmail.com or contact them via their Facebook page “Elite - netball”. 

You are also welcome to join them at their weekly sessions at St Mary’s College Sports Hall, Blackburn.

Back to Netball sessions for Women 16 years and above is every Monday 5pm-6pm(drop-in) and Wednesday 5pm-6pm(drop-in).

Friday is Elite league training only, 6pm-7pm.

The Elite Girls junior netball sessions for 5-15 year olds have also been launched. Every Sunday from 12pm-1pm at St Mary’s College Sports Hall.