A new book explores the rich military history of the Sikhs.

The small community from the Panjab overcame tremendous odds to become a pivotal military force which conquered Northern India eventually leading to a Sikh Empire. 

Sikh Military History is sometimes only seen through the lens of World War 1 and 2. 

Yet the tradition was an inbuilt system from the faith’s inception in the 15th Century. Standing up to tyranny and oppression whilst espousing values of peace and freedom of others was paramount. 

Whilst facing tremendous odds under the conquest of the Mughals and the Afghans, Sikhs rose to create a band of warriors known as the Misls in the 18th Century.  

This would lead to the golden age of the Sikh Empire (1799-1849) formulated by Maharajah Ranjit Singh. 

The empire was a world power and had diplomatic links with the British and the French as well as governments within South Asia.

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However the Anglo Sikh Wars saw the Sikh Empire come into conflict with the East India Company, which eventually led to the annexation of the Panjab.

 The Sikhs were absorbed into the British India Army, leading to them to participate in many military campaigns across the world. This included arenas in Africa, Europe as well as South Asia. This paved the way to Sikh recruitment in World War 1 and World War 2. The book also gives credence to the underrepresented role of women warriors and how they were pivotal to many campaigns. 

Mann has undertaken research for the book by visiting India, including visiting the battlefields of the Anglo Sikh Wars and unearthing rare photographs from public and private collections in the UK. 

The book is supplemented with maps of battles, rare military images, relics and artefacts, together with the appendices citing important documents and letters.

Gurinder Singh Mann, said “This book serves as a commentary of Sikh Military history over 200 years. 

"It covers the important people and events which shaped the Sikhs into an Empire through to the Colonial period. It will appeal to people who want a wider understanding on how the Sikhs developed through translations, correspondence and military warfare and to anyone wishing to learn more about Sikh valour and chivalry.” 

The book is available from the leading UK Military publishers, Helion and Company: www.helion.co.uk and Amazon.