A Halal slaughterhouse owner has been filmed referring to his own customers as ‘Pakis’.

The allegations are made in an undercover report in the Mail on Sunday secretly filmed inside a halal abattoir.

Simply Halal produces kosher meat for the Jewish market and halal meat for his Muslim customers.

The paper reports that during a ‘business meeting’ at his office with undercover reporters, the owner, showed contempt for Asian butchers and restaurant owners on the famous ‘curry mile’ of Brick Lane in East London.

He said: ‘You see the Pakis only want lean sheep, they don’t want no covering on it. They only want 24-26 kilos. Then you got Brick Lane, you can put any shit there, even dogs...’ Britain’s halal market is now worth £2.6 billion, accounting for 15 per cent of all meat eaten here.

The investigation was part of a report into practice of halal and Kosher slaughter in the UK.

The owner is reported as stating his slaughterhouse had not done anything illegal.

He said: ‘It’s to do with religion. It’s not cruel at all. We are not doing anything unlawful.’ He denied that he sold his meat to mainstream butcher shops, but did not deny using terms like ‘Paki’ in his conversation. He added: ‘What you did is out of order. I have nothing to say to you. You are scum’.

A spokesman for the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers, who spoke on Mr Carr’s behalf, added that his abattoir complied with all UK laws.