Blackburn Rovers have released further details for those planning to attend Eid prayers at Ewood Park.

Rovers are set to become the first football club to host Eid prayers on the pitch over the May Bank Holiday weekend. Prayers will take place after 9am for the Eid festival which marks the end of Ramadan on either Sunday or Monday.

It has been announced Sheikh Wasim Kempson will be leading the prayers, which is expected to attract over 1,000 people of all ages.

‘Eid Prayers @ Ewood Park’ is open to all families, with provisions in place for both men and women to pray on the pitch. Those who attend are asked to bring their own prayer mat with them.

In many parts of the UK people celebrate will Eid on different days. The club said it respected the fact this could happen but they only had the logistics in place and pitch availability for one day. 

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Sheikh Wasim Kempson will lead the prayers at Ewood Park

Here is what you should know

There is no need to register but people are asked to arrive by 9.15am at the latest on the day. Doors will open at 8.30am.

As an emergency, Rovers will have one toilet available, but the club would appreciate it if people could come prepared having performed ablution from home.

Those needing to need to pray on a chair or wheelchair will be catered for but people are also asked to bring your own fold up chair if possible.

Worshippers are asked to park in the car park at the Darwen End, just off Bolton Road (postcode BB2 4JR). There are separate entrances for men and women. 

If there is sufficient demand we will provide complimentary buses from Corporation Park (East Park Road entrance at the top) and Audley Sports Centre. You will need to register and we will only provide the bus service if there is sufficient demand. Register now by clicking here.

A traditional milk drink will be provided after the event by The Catering Co.

Shoes with long heels are not permitted on the pitch or any chair or stand that may damage the pitch. 

In the event of rain there will be provisions to pray indoors but visitors are asked to check Rovers social media for updates.

Muslims wanting to donate Fitrana/Sadaqatul Fitr (Tradtional charitable donations) on the day can do so to registered volunteers.

Anyone with any other questions can email