A SELF-defence trainer is set to take on one of her most ambitious challenges yet.

Zaynab Jogi, known as Zee, runs a fitness and self-defence academy, and is hoping to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and complete an obstacle course at the summit.

It is one of the most gruelling challenges she has faced but Zee said she was looking forward to heading out to complete a Guinness World Record.

She said: “It is going to be tough, but I want to push my body to its limit and conquer my fears.

“I have never tried this before and I have been training extremely hard for the last three months. There are only six other people from the UK who are taking part.

“I have set up a YouTube channel Train With Zee to showcase my training for the last three months.

“The climb itself takes 12 days and we are spending one night at the summit to complete the obstacle course at 5,895 metres above sea level. This has never been attempted before and is a very exclusive event for fitness enthusiasts.”

The challenge is exclusive to only 60 people from around the world and begins on September 12. It is not classed as a race but a team effort against the altitude and obstacles.

Zee said: “If successful there is an opportunity to achieve a Guinness World Record for the first-ever Obstacle Course Race to be completed like this”

Z’s Defence Academy was set up in 2019 as a community project to support women in East Lancashire. We have expanded our services and delivering sessions around Lancashire.

Zee said: “As an academy our primary aim is to combat mental health through physical activity and educate women on self-defence. This is to give confidence to women, both locally and worldwide and teach them valuable life skills.

“Our mission is to combat and breakdown mental health barriers for women through sporting activities and self-defence.”

“We strive to educate the most vulnerable to learn life skills, resilience, confidence, independence and become strong individuals to live a fulfilling successful life.”

Local businesses are being asked to support Zee on her challenge.

Zee added: “Big thanks to sponsors iConquer Ltd, Street Safe Self-Defence and Bangor Community Centre.”

Zee is looking for more sponsorship for her challenge. Email trainwithzee@gmail.com or call 07593970539 or 077206 36847. More information can be found at www.zsdefenceacademy.co.uk and www.trainwithzee.co.uk.