Video has been released of the dramatic lifeboat rescue of three fishermen who were clinging to their capsized vessel.

Several members of the public raised the alarm when they saw the men, who were trying to haul a lobster line back on board, hanging on to their upturned boat, close to Roker Pier, Sunderland, on Saturday.

The Coastguard requested RNLI lifeboats be launched and crews from Tynemouth and Sunderland were called out.

Within 10 minutes, the Sunderland volunteers were in the water and arrived at the scene, where they grabbed the drowning fishermen and pulled them to safety.

The men had life jackets on board their boat, but they were not wearing them when the vessel got into difficulty.

They were taken back to Sunderland Marina where paramedics checked them over, with one man being taken to hospital.

RNLI volunteer helmsman Paul Nicholson said: “We understand the boat capsized after becoming snagged on floating line from a lobster pot.

“Thankfully, our volunteers were able to respond extremely quickly to this incident and prevent a tragic accident which could have very easily ended up with three lives being lost.

“Hopefully, the dramatic photographs and video of this incident will act as a reminder to those who go out to sea about why it is important to wear your life jacket and not leave it in a locker on the boat.”