Ali Akbar Javid is an eight-time regional boxing champ. Here, he tells us what inspires him and motivates him.

Javid is set to be in action at the forthcoming senior England Championships where he is tipped to win again.

A natural talent who has worked with Amir Khan's former coach Mick Jelley, at Bury ABC, and also Tommy Battel, Javid is now fighting out of Jennings Gym in Chorley.

Javid, 19, credits his family background for the support they have given him in the sport and says every win is for them.

After the tragic death of brother Jaffer, who drowned at the age of eight before he was born, older sibling Yasir says Ali's arrival was a blessing for the family and he is proud of the family's youngest of seven children.

He said: "Jaffer was the favourite of the family before Ali, our parents were broken when he died, so when Ali was born, he was a blessing to us.

“He gave that purpose back to dad and he has been coaching him ever since.

“And Ali has made a lot of sacrifices growing up, he stayed away from bad company. He’s always been disciplined.”

Dad Ansar still plays a big part in the boxer's life, 11 years after he first took him to a gym to train, and the teenager dedicates his victories to him and grandad Haji Subedar Muhammed Hussain.

Ansar was raised in the military and got most of his sons into boxing before Ali took to it.

His granddad also had dreams of the boys joining the army, too, and had an enormous positive impact on the youngster’s life.

Javid said: “My grandad always lives in my heart.

"He was into boxing and used to watch it on TV in black and white, he really means a lot to me.

“So, anytime I win, it’s a tribute to them as well.

“My best friend is my dad and he has supported me from the beginning and will be here till the end.”

In his 11 years since first donning the gloves, Javid has developed a strong passion for boxing and is determined to keep progressing, aiming to emulate the likes of fellow Boltonian Khan.

He added: "If a lad from Bolton can make it then we can do it as well.

“When I won my first national title in 2013, I just knew that this was it, this is what I want.

“At the time Repton Gym were always winning, so when I beat a kid from there, it was a very proud thing.”

And he says he feels he is improving all the time - a long way from the self-confessed 'chubby' youngster who first took up the sport.

He said: "I’m feeling fit and ready to go now, all the hard work will pay off in the ring.

“Being a boxer isn’t easy work, you can’t eat anything you want, and you have got to get used to getting punched in the face."

Although it seems Javid does most of the punching. Catch him over on Instagram @Aliakbarjavid_