A SILENT vigil was held in various places across the UK on Saturday, including Warrington, with an appeal to ‘stop violence against Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan’.

Warrington’s event was held in front of the Golden Gates on Saturday, October 2, which was international non-violence day.

The aim was to ‘raise concerns about human rights violations against Hindus in Pakistan’.

Over 40 places in the UK took part in the event organised by Insight UK, including Edinburgh, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool and London.



Reports claim Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan face ‘regular violence’, ‘kidnapping, ‘forceful religious conversion,’ ‘attacks on businesses and religious places’ and ‘persecution’.

It is allegedly reported each year that more than 1,000 Hindu girls are abducted, forced to convert, married to people twice or thrice their age, or pushed into the sex trade – never to see their family again.

For more details visit: www.insightuk.org/pakistani-hindus