A new Indian halal restaurant and grill has opened in Bradford.

The new bistro restaurant, called Kun, located on Wilton Street, off Morley street, held its official launch elastic night, after being open to the public for a couple of weeks.

The eatery will serve a range of dishes including freshly cooked curries as well as grill-style meals, cooked by an award-winning chef.

The new restaurant has been opened by Muhammad Shaqil, who has been a chef for 34 years, and his wife, Vahida Iqbal, who has a passion for interior design.

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The couple recently moved to Bradford from Scotland and said they wanted to open a restaurant as they couldn’t find anywhere in the district that offered quite the same thing their restaurant will provide.

Muhammad said: “We’ve been coming to Bradford for a good few years, and everyone expects Bradford to be wow factor curry, but we never really found anywhere that had the perfect taste.

“The style of cooking we do is real authentic, how they cook in India in the hotels, so we thought that would work for us.”

Muhammad explained that the menu is in the style of an Indian grill, but the grill will be an ‘Asian fusion – with Moroccan and middle-eastern style recipes.’

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It has a range of dishes from seekh kebabs to onion bhajis, to lamb chops and desserts. As well as a range of delicious mocktails.

“We use fresh Aberdeen Angus steak and the curries just aren’t like what you find anywhere else,” he said.

Muhammed has won several awards as a chef, as well as working as a personal chef for Bollywood stars when they have been filming in the UK and launching restaurants around the world.

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And Vahida specialises in interior design and has given the restraint a chic look with elegant lighting, a modern-looking bar, and a piano ready to be used for functions.

She said: “I love interior design, I transform homes, and I knew we would work well together as a team.”

So far, the restaurant has received all five-star reviews on Google.

One person commented that it was the ‘best curry they’d have ever had’ and ‘the ambience of the place was wonderful.’

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And another said ‘I can't think of a single criticism. Every meal was unique and perfectly cooked.’

The restaurant is at 3a Wilton St, Bradford BD5 0AX and will be open from 2pm – 11pm every day.