A self-made millionaire with interests in a Blackburn business is hoping to throw a lifeline to young people with a new mentoring scheme.

Ibby Aslam has interests in Manjaros restaurants in Manchester and Blackburn and is the founder of Briks & Mortar.

He manages a property portfolio and has now set up a mentoring and training service designed to help younger people and newcomers to the property market.

The self-styled ‘Property Coach’ said: “Millennials and younger generations have been hit particularly hard by job loss and rising unemployment during the Covid pandemic.

"In fact, 80 per cent of all jobs lost have been for those under the age of 35.

“When people think about a career they generally think about where they would like to work. I say instead of looking for an employer, why not create that job yourself in the thriving property market.”

Through a series of free consultations, those looking to get on the ladder gain access to the 'inside scoop' on managing a property empire from Ibby who has been involved in property since 1991 and specialises in sourcing properties for small and medium sized investors.

One beneficiary, Tamur Bhati said: “Meeting Ibby changed everything. He helped me secure my first property by taking advantage of a government scheme where I would only have to pay a five per cent deposit.

"From there, Ibby showed me a variety of strategies for turning properties into rentable assets which I never would have known about were it not for his advice.”

Daniel Tancau worked in a breakfast bar. He said: “I wanted a change in career where I wouldn’t be working a 9-5, but instead making my money work for me.

"Ibby is helping me to open a cocktail bar, showing me how to make it profitable and how to transfer these strategies to the building of a wider property portfolio.

“With friends and relatives in Ukraine, I’m driven by a deep desire to earn enough money to send over there to help out. Ibby found a strategy that works for me, where I don’t even need to own a property to make up to £1k a month, and I plan to use this as a springboard to bigger and better things.”

Ibby added: “As 'The Property Coach' I show my mentees how it’s possible to not only create assets but earn passive monthly income from rentals while exercising some control over their destiny.

“Research shows that there are fewer opportunities than in recent years as employers freeze their recruitment programmes and work experience placements dry up.

“We have endured the worst public health emergency and rising living costs in many years and it’s because of this that I want to help newcomers to the property market develop their skills and potential to create financial security.”