Anyone wanting any further evidence of how oil-rich Arab nations will fritter away their wealth need only look at the latest football club takeover Last week a group led by Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment fund purchased Newcastle United.

For those feeling ‘proud’ about that the Muslims have come to party (again) need only remember that this has nothing to do with football itself.

This is arm’s race on a monumental scale and it began back in the early noughties when the Emiratis took over Manchester City. Since then they have piled in millions to the football club. All very well you might say. It bought a few Premier League titles and put them at the top of the World’s footballing elite The Qataris then took over PSG in 2011 and have spent vast amounts trying to land the elusive Champions League title.

Whilst the Emirates and Qatar can pretend this is some grand marketing ploy to attract more investment to their small states and boost their tourism sector. What of the Saudi led group takeover?

You have to ask the question could this money really be used more wisely? Could it be used in more charitable terms.

Is it wise to spend £500,000 a week on a player’s wages when neighbouring countries do not have enough to feed the basic needs of their population.

Clearly, it could be used more wisely but to do something like this goes against the very culture of those Arabs and Muslims who find themselves with a great deal of wealth. They will squander it without a thought. It will be spent on lavish buildings and monstrous projects all to massage one’s ego. And they have been doing it for decades.

It is almost the tribal rivalries of a thousand years are being played out again and again on a gigantic scale.

What is equally depressing is that we have Muslims who feel ‘proud’ that this money is being squandered in this way. They will go about their daily business preaching about how it is important to be humble and the tenants of Islam. They will constantly call out others for minor Islamic rulings yet marvel at how at this obscene waste of money.

When it comes to other points of Islamic ideals we are quick to post comments and opinions about ‘Islamophobia’ and how the downtrodden Muslim is being persecuted across the planet.

We are also almost ignorant of how Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans are treated in these oil-rich nations. They are nothing less than third class citizens.

But all that is forgotten when it comes to scenes like we saw last week at Newcastle.

We forget all of those ‘Islamic traditions’.

Much of this has got to do with do with how many British Muslims have found themselves at odds with their native South Asian culture. We don’t want to be British and have nothing in common with the culture of our parents. We will then latch on the new found confidence of the oil rich Arab nations. It is more appealing for us.

It is also repulsive how British and western states will be keen to heap praise on the Middle Eastern states when it comes to investing in their football clubs but will be equally critical on all other matters.

It seems the only good Muslim is a rich one.