Bushra Ali has been appointed the first Chair of the newly created Equality & Diversity Sub-group at the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society Bushra of Bushra Ali Solicitors who has offices in Leicester and Wrexham hopes to inspire a more inclusive and diverse legal sector.

Bushra said, “I’m thrilled and delighted and would like to thank my fellow members of the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society for the appointment.

"It was a particularly poignant moment given that at the meeting we were honoured to be joined by Stephanie Boyce, the first black President of The Law Society of England and Wales. Stephanie addressed us on her desire to see a more diverse profession that champions equal opportunities for all.

“Equality and diversity are subjects that are incredibly important to me and form the backbone not only of our work at Bushra Ali Solicitors but also of our Corporate Social Responsibility work which, most recently, led to my appointing Aisha Seedat as our Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Champion – a first for a UK-based law firm.

“At Cheshire and North Wales Law Society we are keen to continue to promote a diverse professional for all, but also to recognise where there remain huge gaps for positive change including tackling the gender pay gap and encouraging applications for senior posts in law firms from diverse groups. "We want to encourage students to stop being limited by their own fears and have ambition and courage to achieve regardless of social status, class, educational background or connections. Becoming Chair of the Equality & Diversity Sub-group is perfectly aligned to my own equality and diversity work and I’m looking forward very much to rolling my sleeves up and getting started on driving the conversation on all issues diversity, social mobility and inclusion.”

Freddie Storrar, President of the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society said, “I am so pleased that the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society has made the decision to form the Equality & Diversity Sub-group. "Whilst great steps have been made in recent years to promote a diverse legal profession, there is still an enormous amount of work to be done to promote diversity and equal opportunity across the board. "I know that Bushra will thrive in her position as the first Chair of the Equality & Diversity Sub-group. I am very much looking forward to working with and supporting Bushra with this great and vital initiative.”