A new messenger app has been launched by a team of tech entrepreneurs from Preston.

Chazbiz Instant messenger took a year to complete and allows users to register via their e-mail address rather than a phone number.

It is brainchild of Ishaq Vaez who came up with the idea and concept after many years of research, analysis and feedback.

The company is currently directed and lead by project manager Siddeek Mulla.

He said: “Many of you may remember, Blackberry Messanger Pin based app which was hugely popular before others took over due to it being restricted to Blackberry devices.

“Chazbiz works on a similar secure concept and this addresses a lot of privacy.

“One of the things that makes us unique is that Chazbiz does not work of the typical number registration, instead it uses more personalised security signup process like email/username and password with further 2FA.

“This will stop people being openly discovered and for another Chazbiz user to contact you, they will require your private username and also you are in control of your security by getting the option to allow or reject the contact who wants to add you.

“Currently these are our features which makes us unique and although there is a small fee to pay monthly for business users,. It is free for social users presently. We will be providing a premium bespoke app with constant improvements and working on public feedback.”

The development is being spearheaded by Omar Rahman who has over 15 years experience in developing major apps.

Siddeek added: “Currently it is only available on Android due to the major market share. We will soon be starting production for desktop and apple for all those excited to join this journey.”

You can find out more about ChazBiz at www.chazbiz.com