A new app for single Muslims aims to give women ‘more control’ over finding their perfect partner.

The founders of Spouslr, many of whom hail from Blackburn, said that the app was specifically for users to ‘meet like-minded people whist simultaneously remaining true to their values as Muslim women.’

The app also has, amongst other features, a function whereby it can prevent ‘catfishing’ which is where users upload false pictures.

The app’s team leader is Hamza Malik who spends his time between his home in Blackburn and the head office in London.

A spokesperson for the App said: “Our target group is essentially those looking for a serious relationship. Our focus is to create a safe environment for women to be able to explore the possibility of meeting their future spouse.

“We have made enhanced safety features that ensure that users have the best user experience. 

"Among these are the ‘facial’ feature which ensures that user pics are matched with a live selfie. This helps the prevention of ‘cat-fishing’ - a common problem on online platforms where users upload pics that are not a true representation of themselves in addition to several other features.”

“Features like the ‘chaperone’ are optional and go a long way to help family members who may be nervous about online platforms.”

Users can interact directly through the platform through direct messaging or even video calls which ensures users can be safe by not exchanging contact details at the outset of meeting a possible match.

Sumera Aisha and Naila Ahmed, co founders of Spouslr, said: “Modern day Muslim women have grown into wanting to be in control of their important life decisions. And marriage is such an important milestone and presents so many challenges, it’s only fair, that we support them in this.”

“Women want to remain true to their Muslim values and whilst one group of friends and colleagues meet up for a night out on Friday, a second group of Muslim women are inclined to keep away from these environments.”

“But with Spouslr, a woman is no longer forced to have to place herself in uncomfortable situations to meet her possible match. She can now meet her potential partner through our platform.”