AN optometrist has opened her own successful beauty clinic after struggling with her mental health.

Heera Muslam, has made a name for herself after opening her own beauty clinic Adeera Aesthetics in Manchester, offering a host of beauty treatments and her own lipstick line.

The single mum of two-and -a-half-year-old Adam, Heera is no stranger to the beauty industry as she also previously worked as a make-up artist and blogger.

She said: “I have struggled on social media, seeing people looking perfect while I put on weight after having Adam. I just did not bounce back, so I looked into non-surgical procedures. It really helped because I knew so many girls struggled with this too.

“After having Adam, I suffered with arthritis, and it meant I couldn’t do all the things I used to do for exercise.

“I wanted to make it easier and accessible for other people because all these beauty treatments are out there but so many clinics make them super exclusive, only offering it to affluent people.”

Adeera offers weight loss treatments, facials, dermaplaning, dermal fillers and laser hair removal. She also launched a line of luxury lipsticks and lip glosses, lashes, and lipliners.

She said: “Lockdown came and I thought it’s now or never and found the perfect place. I like to make it affordable as well because people do not realise their skin and body is what they should spend more money on and not as much on makeup.

"It's about feeling good not just looking good."

Everything the 30-year-old seems to be a hit among her followers with glowing reviews.

Heera said: “I wanted people to know the options out there and to feel confident. The facial made me feel more confident about myself. I am not saying we need to have the perfect body, but to do what makes you happy.”

She trained in different beauty treatments for over a year before she took the plunge.

Despite her beauty aspirations, she loves her job as an optometrist so much she just cannot give it up, while working three days at the clinic.

She added: “I didn’t tell anybody what I was planning because I wanted to do everything by myself.

“Since my divorce, it’s been really difficult. It’s not all been smooth sailing to where I am right now.

“In the future, I’d love to talk more about what it means to be a single mum in the Asian community while running your own business because you do really worry about things like finances.

“I can’t afford to be ill because my son needs me. But I am proud and happy of how far I have come.”

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