An Asian wedding organiser has spoken out after it was revealed the easing of lockdown restrictions earmarked for June 21 will be delayed for four weeks.

The announcement to be made by Boris Johnson means that limits on numbers for sports events, pubs and cinemas are likely to remain in place, nightclubs will stay closed and people will be encouraged to keep up social distancing and working from home.

A typical Asian wedding will have several hundred guests. The industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and smaller weddings have not been feasible for businesses who have always looked to cater for larger events. Many families have delayed weddings in the hope that restrictions would be lifted.

Thufayel Amed, manager of the Ariana Gardens banqueting hall, said any easing of restrictions regarding weddings should be based on venue capacity, not attendee numbers.

He told the PA news agency: “With Asian weddings, which have upwards of 500 guests, you split that between two families.

“If they say silly numbers like 100-150, it’s not going to work for us.”

Mr Amed added: “(The Government) talks about big weddings like a big wedding is 100 – well, ours are not.”

His venue has capacity for 800 people in one hall, and 600 in another.

“If we can get it done based on 50% capacity, we can have 400 in one, and 300 in the other, and that will be more feasible,” he said.

“The thing that is in the back of our minds is that restrictions might go even further. If that’s the case, we’re just locking up – we will just give the keys back to the landlord and the banks who own us.”

Mr Amed said around 300 weddings have been postponed so far.

“The Asian wedding industry has been totally forgotten.

“We just want parity.”

He continued: “I was in east London last night, the pubs are full, everyone was hugging.

“One of the reasons weddings were restricted is because of people mingling, but yesterday, in the pubs, because England won, everyone was hugging and kissing each other, random strangers.”