Shahzad Younas, an entrepreneurial Investment Banker from London has created the first 'Pay As You Go' (PAYG) Matrimonial website for single Muslims in the UK.

The 27 year-old originally from Salford, Greater Manchester has seen over 2,000 hits to his website muzmatch since its launch last month.

The website muzmatch has already had over 100 men and women sign up to create their very own unique profiles up and down the country.

The idea for muzmatch originally came from Shahzad’s own frustrations with other marriage websites that asked for expensive monthly fees with many member profiles incomplete, bearing misleading and false information.

Disheartened with the marriage offering online, Shahzad began to create muzmatch from scratch which is now currently the only single Muslims marriage website to offer complete anonymity to all of its members – all profile pictures are initially blurred allowing only those ‘seriously’ looking to find a bride or groom to pay a small amount to access a full detailed profile description and picture. Shahzad said, “I realised that many young Muslim women and men alike were put off by having no privacy on other conventional marriage matrimonial websites. Profile pictures once uploaded were free for all to see and this was often deterred many Muslim brothers and sisters out there to sign up.

"Also on the flip side, some sites allowed profiles and information to be very restricted, meaning very little information was actually shared, hence making it very difficult for other interested singles to actually find out more about another individual. With muzmatch we have uniquely tried to find the perfect balance for both sides".

He added: “I wanted ‘serious and like-minded’ Muslim men and women to feel safe and protected when signing up to create a profile on muzmatch.

"We try to ensure that all our members are guaranteed to find only complete and well thought out profiles on muzmatch. The upshot of creating a Muslim Matrimonial website like this has been so rewarding and I’m enjoying every single day working to pair up lots of single Muslims from all ages, races and backgrounds from around the UK.”