Campaigners have called on the Chair of the Press Complaints Commission to instigate a full investigation into allegations of systematic anti-Muslim editorial bias at the Daily Star newspaper.

In a letter to Baroness Buscombe, Chair of the PCC, they call upon the PCC to urgently investigate the issue of what they claim is 'anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic bias' in the Daily Star and in other newspapers.

The letter, initiated by the campaigning group, One Society Many Cultures, follows widespread concern arising from allegations made in the resignation letter of former Daily Star journalist, Richard Peppiatt.

Sabby Dhalu, Secretary of One Society Many Cultures and one of the signatories to the letter to the PCC said, “These accusations of anti-Muslim bias are of grave concern, especially as they come from an insider, who knows the workings of the Daily Star. The PCC should immediately investigate the claims Richard Peppiatt has made in his resignation letter.

"The negative coverage of Muslims across much of the national press has been evident for some time and has been the subject of widespread concern that it is whipping up Islamophobia and undermining community cohesion.

"Whilst there has been some academic work that has shown anti-Muslim bias in the national press, this is the first time a whistleblower, from inside a national paper has come forward and exposed the unpleasantly biased workings of the newsroom of one of the UK’s daily papers.

The PCC has a duty to all of us to investigate these accusations. If the PCC finds that the Daily Star has distorted facts and intentionally mislead readers to whip up anti muslim sentiments, then we will expect the PCC to take appropriate action against the paper."

The letter also says, "Britain has a long established tradition of press freedom. It is not our aim to see those freedoms removed.

"However, with freedom must come responsibility, and it is clear that the national press are today failing in their duty to fairly and accurately report on British Muslims and Islam."

The Signatories to the letter are: Diane Abbott MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Edie Friedman Jewish Council for Racial Equality, Anas Altikriti and Mohammed Sawahla of the British Muslim Initiative.

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