Twenty soldiers from across the country joined the 10th annual Sikh camp in North Wales.

The camp, organised by the British Organization of Sikh Students (BOSS) attracted over 300 participants from London, Newport, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and as far as New Zealand and Denmark.

The 300 campers took part in a range of Army led activities including hiking, archery, sports, kayaking, confidence assault course, climbing, abseiling and a suspended 100m zip slide.

There was still plenty of tine for Langar, Kirtaan, meditation and religious discussion before and after the Army inspired action..

Over the seven days campers and soldiers were able to interact, build friendship improve cultural understanding, and learn more about the role of the community in the British Army.

Community Liaison Officer Lutha Magloire explained: "There is a rich history that links the Sikh community to the British Armed Forces.

"The Army is keen to continue its efforts to strengthen links and improve the Sikh numbers serving within our ranks.

"Our attendance and assistance at these camps can only help to build the trust needed to increase the representation of Sikh soldiers and Officers."

Lt Jagraj Hundal added: "The course also enabled the participants to build on a wide range of life skills such as team working and communication skills and also strengthened the trust between the group.

"We're extremely pleased to be involved in such a scheme and are looking forward to further events in the coming months."