Pupils from a Malawi school were reunited with their teachers at an emotional day in Lancashire.

Ex-students from the Dedza Private School in Malawi arranged for their head teacher Abrar Mohsin, 74 to be flown over from his residence in India.

Dedza Private School was founded in the late sixties by members of the Asian community in Malawi, Africa. Unfortunately, due to a decision made by the then president of Malawi, Dr Hastings Banda, the school was forced to close and a lot of Asians left the country and many settled in the UK.

In recent years a small group of students decided to hold a reunion and after many telephone calls emails and contact they pulled it off.

Hussein Bhaiji said, “This was a fantastic occasion and brought back a lot of fond memories of our school days.

"We were also honoured to have our former English teacher Haroon Sacranie who travelled from Malawi to be with us."

"The reunion has also resulted in the formulation of a Charity organisation known as Dedza Welfare Trust."