A strict teetotaller went berserk after downing a bottle of bourbon to take away his grief at his mother’s illness.

A friend advised Muslim non-drinker Dolshad Mohammed that alcohol would ease his mental pain, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Mohammed, 25, proceeded to drink almost a whole bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, prosecutor Dave MacKay said.

He then went on a drunken spree of window-smashing at his lodgings in Park View Road, Manningham, Bradford.

Police, who had to force their way into Mohammed’s bedroom to arrest him, found him jumping up and down on the bed, the court heard.

He seized a knife but dropped it when a police dog was used to restrain him.

Mohammed, who did £600 damage, apologised to police officers, saying he had “drunk too much vodka”.

His barrister, Anastasis Tasou, told Judge Peter Benson it was Jack Daniels whiskey.

Mohammed downed almost a full bottle after learning his mother was gravely ill.

Mr Tasou said Mohammed, a strict Muslim who had never touched alcohol before, was advised that liquor would take away his pain.

“He drank almost a whole bottle and it obviously had a dramatic effect,” Mr Tasou said.

Mohammed, who needed a Kurdish interpreter in court, “behaved in a wholly bizarre and uncharacteristic way,” Judge Benson said.

Mohammed, who pleaded guilty to affray and criminal damage in June last year, hung his head in the dock.

Judge Benson said it was obvious he was thoroughly ashamed.

He trusted he had not touched alcohol since.

Mohammed was sentenced to a community order with 100 hours’ unpaid work and six months’ probation service supervision.