Residents have spoken out against passengers of a car who dumped large bags of rubbish on to the pavement.

The incident happened on Friday, June 3, and in CCTV footage shared on social media, a group of men can be seen returning to a Mercedes-Benz late at night in Whalley Range, Blackburn.

As the group approach the vehicle one of the men who is seated in the back of the car dumps what seems to be takeaway rubbish on to the street, while another in the front seat also dumps a bag from the car.

The car is then driven off leaving the rubbish to be picked by residents the next morning.

One resident, who lives close by, said: “All I want to say is, you disgust me.

"Why don’t they drive next to their own house and then dump it for their parents to pick up in the morning?

“Do you think they would be happy?”

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Another resident who lives in Whalley Range added: “People think they can treat other people’s front doors differently to their own.

“This has happened a few times on this stretch and it is mostly young men who are coming back after visiting a takeaway.

"In some cases they have rubbish from another visit and think it is okay to throw it on to the street.

“People do not even think it is a big deal. But how would you like to wake up the next day and see all this rubbish in front of your house?”



It is not the first-time litter has been dumped on this spot. During Ramadan a group of friends in an Audi were filmed throwing several bags out on to the street before driving off.

A further video shared in April shows a bag being thrown from a vehicle on to the street in broad daylight.

Cllr Parvaiz Akhtar, who represents the Daisyfield and Bastwell ward, said: “It is sad to see people throwing litter on the road.  

“I feel the council should take action against these people and send a strong message to the community that they want see the roads and streets cleaned.

"Our environment department is trying keep Blackburn with Darwen clean and tidy.”